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My Angel Baby Daegan Ryder

June 26, 2000 - August 23,2000

Forever Young

If you click on the Forever Young link you can hear the instrumental to Forever Young...something my angel will always be in my heart.



The surprise of my life and the light of my life popped into this world at 2:32 pm on June 26, 2000 to the immense joy of his mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa and uncle. He made his entry easy for his mommy, and eased right into his new life like a pro. Not fussy, always clean, happy and laughing very soon after birth...truly an amazing baby.He covered his eyes with his mitted hands on his first day...a reaction to all the popping flashes of the camera taking his pictures. He smiled his first lop-sided grin on his second day, and it was a real smile. It was something he kept up until the day he died. My favourite picture of him is one where he actually smiled a huge open grin and gave his first chuckle...that was about a week before he left us. He gave us a million smiles, and two audible chuckles. I wish I could have heard more. Tears were rare...he only grumbled when hungry or wanting to be held. Daegan did not appreciate being left alone somewhere...he was happy when he was in the arms of a family member. It was always a sure-fire way to make this little fellow give you a big thank-you grin.



Baby Daegan Ryder was a young baby boy with a very old soul. There was wisdom in his eyes, and a calming and peaceful vibration from him reaching out to those he touched. In his short 8 weeks of life, he somehow touched an incredible amount of people in truly amazing ways. To this day people still remark on the ways in which a simple glance or grin from Daegan would change their whole day, and for a few...their outlook on life itself. When he passed away, the pain was felt by many..and all turned out to his funeral which filled the church. Baby Daegan was truly a gift, an honest to God true Angel.