A SIDS story


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Resources for those who have lost an Infant to SIDS


My heart goes out to you...I will add more links as I find good places to visit.

The Canadian SIDS organization

The American SIDS organization

Where you can meet with other SIDS families

Grieving families on parentsoup

Grieving families on parentsplace

National SIDS Resource Center...many links available

An interesting site regarding the possibility of chemical poisoning in the mattresses

If you find some helpful sites, please send me an email to let me know.



Here are a couple books that I have found useful in dealing with the emotional aftermath of experiencing SIDS. As I find more I will post them to this site. If you have trouble locating them then I will see I can help you out by letting you know where I found them.

The SIDS Survival Guide: Information and Comfort for Grieving Family & Friends & Professionals Who Seek to Help Them by Joani Nelson Horchler and Robin Rice Morris.

The Cot Death Cover-Up? by Jim Sprott