A SIDS story


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Resources for Single, Pregnant Mothers...

Click on these links to meet some wonderful women in the same situation as yourself (if you are single and pregnant...or just wish you were single!)

Talk with the helpful ladies at Parentsoup!

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Hey! It's the new millenium...be a HIPMAMA!

Especially for us Canadian Single Moms and Moms-to-be!

An Email Group For Canadian Solo Mamas & Moms2B

For the best of Canada...the VANCOUVER Mama's Site!

Some of these ladies helped me through the most awful few months following the ending of my relationship with the baby's father. There were times I thought I could not handle things anymore, and did not know where to turn. I found these discussion boards after searching endlessly, and the support and friendships I have made with some of these women is unbelievable. By making the decision to grow and nurture this baby inside you, you have become a "single mother by choice"...don't play the victim in other words. You DO have choices, and by having this baby, you have made the wonderful choice of bringing a beautiful and innocent child into this world. Yes, it will be hard at times, and yes you will feel lonely and experience sadness that your family is not the typical family.But you are not a victim...you and your child are survivors. And that makes us strong. And no, the *father* (I use the term loosely) does not love you now, and that means that he probably won't love you later...so waste as little time as possible on him...put all that time, effort and energy into the squirmy wormy that is one day going to look at you and say "momma" and hold you as the most important thing in the whole world....THAT my friends, is love. You are going to need as much support and strength as you can muster up...and believe me...right now you think 9 months is a long time...betcha at 8.5 months when you have 2 weeks left before meeting your child you won't think you are even half ready...so in other words...get busy and start planning, learning and getting ready for this little tyke that is going to change the very essence of your being. And...in case you don't hear it enough (which is very likely) I want to extend my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! Yes, we should receive congratulations too! Chin up!